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Sound mixers & joiner programs have been using in the music industry for a long time. These sound mixers & joiners used by the sound technicians are complex and are not easy to use. They have very complex controls and GUI for a common user to handle. So what does the common user do when he requires to join some audio files?
One of the available programs is the SUPER SOUND JOINER . It is software designed to suit the needs of a common user. Joining two sound files was never so easy. This software provides the user with the simplest possible GUI to join audio files. The controls and the options can be clearly understood by the user. This software allows the user to join two files having different parameters, but the output file is a wav file having quality same as CD. The Sampling rate, Bits per second and the channel can be adjusted.
To join files we just need to add them to the software’s panel and then just click on the "Join" button. The process is fast enough and gives user the best quality sound possible. The software comes with a help file which is also useful. 530 KB for software loaded with good features is a good size. Installing it is also very easy & does not take much time. It is developed to support all MICROSOFT WINDOWS platforms with a good output. The only problem is that in the trial version we do not get enough information of what the software can actually do.

Super Sound Recorder is a powerful sound recording tool that allows you to record different digital and analog audio into MP3 or WAV files. It also can convert WAV files to MP3 files. Super Sound Recorder allows you to record sound direct to MP3 file,no tempory WAV file involved, saving your hard disk life, and faster. This feature is unique to Super Sound Recorder and is not available in other sound recording programs. Super Sound Recorder can record sound being played by other computer programs (for example, RealPlayer, Media Player, Quick Time, WinAmp, DVD player, or a computer game) including live Internet broadcasts.

Sound Centre was established in 1986 by a group of Western Australian musicians who wanted to provide a music store that would understand and cater to the needs of other musicians. From humble beginnings as a small shop and a few rehearsal rooms, Sound Centre has grown to be one of Perth’s most extensive music stores in terms of instrument range and musical expertise. Now at two locations with the Morley store and piano specialty store in Nedlands, no matter your instrument, passion or musical need, Sound Centre have a range of specialists on hand to help you.

Super Sound Mixers Of Africa - Agba NkolobiSuper Sound Mixers Of Africa - Agba NkolobiSuper Sound Mixers Of Africa - Agba NkolobiSuper Sound Mixers Of Africa - Agba Nkolobi